4 Week Subscription to Sugled Online Spanish Classes
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4 Week Subscription to Sugled Online Spanish Classes

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Subscription to Spanish Classes with Bilingual Online Teacher

Online Classes Description:
The classes are virtual (online) for children starting at the age of 3 years old. The Sugled Reading Method focuses on the sound of letters as it is a phonetic method. At the same time, motivation and affectivity are utilized in such a way that the student will be making rapid progress. The student will get involved quickly and develop a very special taste for reading. This is due to the handling and execution of the Methodology techniques that help develop the student's curiosity and emotions. The student will learn gradually, quickly and easily. First, the student will learn sounds, then words, phrases, sentences, and texts. Finally, the student will achieve excellent fluency and comprehend what is being read.

Joining the Online Classes:
The schedule is determined during the introductory session with the teacher. Once the schedule is defined, we will send you a Microsoft Teams email invitation with a link to join each session. You can add the class schedule series to your email calendar to receive reminders a few minutes before each session begins.

Re-scheduling Sessions:
We understand there could be times that a session must be canceled and rescheduled. Any rescheduling must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the session's start time. To reschedule a session, contact the teacher. Rescheduling is based on the teacher's availability.

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